Friday, 6 March 2009

A Bit of the Old Guildford

A sketch done of the road adjoining the 'Kings Head' pub.

A quick sketch of some of the details of the top of a church spire...

Random London Sketches

Here are some views from around Westminster/ Kensington where almost every view is crying out to be drawn.

Sketches from Romsey

Here's the start of some sketches I'll be posting after being inspired to do some drawing again - after a decade of laziness and poor excuses.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Animation Reel 2008


An animator with over five years of industry experience working on a wide range of computer game and DVD titles.

Highly creative and innovative with a strong passion for animation and the creation of 3D graphics. Particularly interested in the field of character animation.

Working primarily with Maya and 3DS Max with a wealth of experience in animation as well as a good understanding of modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering skills.

Social and easy going as well as a good team player and contributor.

A hard worker willing to put the hours in to make sure the job is done to a sufficient quality.

Able to deal well with constructive criticism and sudden changes of direction. Particularly open and collaborative about my work.

Animator at Electronic Arts
December 2006 – Present (2 years)

Animating realistic FMV cut scenes for Order of the Phoenix and Half Blood Prince in Maya which involved the full range of Harry Potter characters.

Creating varied in-game animations for Half Blood Prince (pre-mocap). This included movement systems, idles, conversation and combat systems.

Learning Motion Builder to quickly edit large amounts of motion capture data for in-game HBP animations when the project moved to mocap.

Heavily involved with the creation of 3D animatics/ camera direction through to final motion capture and facial cleanup on all narrative FMV cut scenes of the Half Blood Prince.

Animating a series of squash and stretch style cartoon-like moves for the recent Nintendo DS title Zubo and other pre-viz projects

Animator at Frontier Developments
September 2006 – November 2006 ( 3 months)

Animating lip-sync and facial animation for up-and-coming The Outsider title.

Full body animation for pre-visualizations of playable game sequences made to look as if they were captured from in-game.

In-game animations for movement systems of the principle character and interaction with environment e.g cars and motorbikes.

Animator at Hothouse Creations
April 2004 – June 2006 (2 years 3 months)

Worked with Loyd Price (Aardman animation supervisor) on Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit DVD game animating principle characters for over three minutes of dialogue-intensive animation in 3DS Max.

Completed multiple animations to a very short deadline for the Interactive DVD game of Over the Hedge, which involved large amounts of animation to be improvised with very little available reference.

Extensive work on Crime Life game involving the speedy creation of assets for combat systems, character movement, FMV, deaths/injuries, idles and other mission specific animations.

Animations for a number of songs and judges in the Pop Idol games range for PS2/ PC.


University of Hertfordshire
BA (hons) Digital Practices 2001 – 2002

HND Digital modeling and Animation 1999 – 2001

Sotfware Skills

Maya 8.5 - 2 years
3DS max 8 - 8 years
Motion Builder - 1 Year

Adobe Photoshop - 8 Years
Adobe Illustrator - 2 Years

Adobe After Effects - 4 Years
Adobe Premiere - 5 Years